Profitably, affordably, immediately

Expand and create markets

Migrate without disruption

Our core platform helps insurers grow their markets, increase profitability , and service  customers digitally

Insurers have a core systems problem

Back office technology is complex, expensive, and risky to change. While the world is speeding up, archaic core IT systems are slowing insurers down. Insurers need to keep pace or be replaced.

Ignatica’s Plug & Play SaaS Platform

Ignatica is transforming the insurance industry with a core platform built on the same technologies that Google, Netflix, and Amazon are using to change the world.

Digital Core Platform

Launch and manage complex and customized insurance products easily, quickly and at no cost.

Administer policies automatically at lower costs.

Migrate existing products from legacy systems at low cost and low risk.

Power of Plug & Play


product launch costs


reduction in admin costs

2 Days

to launch new products


potential product innovation

Stay ahead of the competition

Create & expand markets

with personalized services and limitless product customization.

Migrate legacy products

without disruption, enabling instant digital servicing.

Real-time transaction data

and advanced analytics to manage risk and respond to the market.

A SaaS platform built for speed and scale

Microservices architecture


Open API

Real-time data analytics

Blockchain-based secure ledger

The Core Engine for Insurance Transformation

How  will insurers be able to respond to the next Covid? 

With a platform that gives them the speed and flexibility to respond within days to new risks and client needs.

How can insurers help a mother in Thailand save for her child's  education?

By reducing costs so that insurers are able to provide meaningful insurance that is profitable, to every person on the planet - no matter how small the market.

How do you expect to service digital natives with systems older than they are?

Using our unique technology, migrate existing policies to a platform designed for flexible digital service—at low cost and no risk—one product at a time.

Driving Insurance Innovation

One Platform, All Products
Individual, Group, Life, Property & Casualty, Disability, Health, Trade Credit

Innovative Business Models
Parametric Insurance, Usage-Based Insurance, Microinsurance

Our platform

Consolidates full policy cycle: quote & issue, underwriting, policy management, claims, reporting.

Lowers the barriers to innovation, enabling insurers to design, launch, update and manage products with ease.

Bundles any combination of insurance product types into a single administration platform.

Scales across any market, geography, in any channel or language, at any time.

Unlock digital innovation

Seamless digital experience
Full ecosystem engineered for connectivity and seamless digital exchange with other enterprise components and 3rd parties like e-wallets, e-commerce platforms and mobile digital content.

Free from legacy blocks
Our platform allows insurers to move away from legacy systems - product line by-product line—reducing the one-time costs and risks associated with large scale re-platform programs.

Easier innovation
Onboarding to the platform has minimal impact on existing systems and teams, allowing for targeted change without disruption.

Data Analytics
Real-time access to transactional data allows for dynamic risk analysis and pricing adjustment.

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