Our story

After seeing how technology is used to deliver insurance products and services, we noticed that everyone had a very similar experience dealing with insurance. No matter how much the customer experience improved, it still plugs in to the same back office processes and technology which hasn’t changed in over 40 years.

We understand that the only way to balance the needs of a financial services institution operating in a heavily regulated environment with the ability to enter new markets and serve more customers globally, is to radically upgrade the underlying technology and change the system from the ground up. That’s how we create new markets, reach more people, and innovate with purpose.
That’s why we created Ignatica.

Our team

Our values


We are in it for the long haul.


We partner with our customers on their journey.


We are only interested in meaningful, long-lasting change.


We solve problems for the global industry.


We build solutions few others can.

Our team comes from:

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