Our story

The insurance industry needed change, we knew it and decided to do something about it. Ignatica was created to provide the technology the industry needs to help make it happen.
This is our story....

Recognising the challenges that the insurance industry faces, our technology has been designed and built to give insurers the ability to enter new markets and serve more customers globally. Our solutions give our customers the ability to create new products, in new markets, reach more people, and innovate with purpose. All while lowering risk and cost.
That’s why we created Ignatica.

Our founders

Manuel San Miguel, Travis Callahan and Adhish Pendharkar (L-R) came together in 2019 with a vision to make insurance better; not just for carriers and brokers in search of the new technology to support their digital transformations but for every company and person that can benefit from insurance.

Our ambition

When creating Ignatica we wanted to provide the ability to build insurance products for all; quickly, easily and at a cost point that ensured all could be insured if the need was there. Our solutions are designed to meet the constant changing environment the world faces today and in the future.

Insurance solutions for today and tomorrow

The cloud is at the heart of everything we offer; making our solutions, scalable, agile, cost effective and most importantly - sustainable. Sustainability is a core value at Ignatica, not just in our intention to be a partner for the long-term future but for building products in a sustainable environment that will align with our customers objectives particularly as it relates to CSR.

Our technology is impressive, our people are exceptional

Our team is small but committed, diverse and united. The Ignatica family is growing quickly. As we grow our organisation aligned to our core values, we have big plans to be viewed as the #1 employee focused company in the world. We aim to deliver on that plan and if you're reading this and interested in a career at Ignatica, reach out, we'd love to hear from you.

Our values


We are in it for the long haul


We deliver on what we promise


Our relationships are lasting and in partnership


Our intention is to help build sustainable solutions for you and ourselves


We will go the extra mile to ensure success

Our team comes from:

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